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Newtown Strong Fund

When tragedy hits, our first thought is how we can ease the pain of those affected.
There is little anyone can give or say to relieve the searing pain of losing a loved one, especially when it is a child.
We want to support these families in Newtown - to simply be there. We as a community want these people who
have lost their loved ones so tragically to know that they are not alone in their grief.


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We are no longer selling T shirts or accepting donations for the Newtown Strong Fund.

We have raised over $22,242! This has been an amazing show of our collective strength and support for our neighbors who suffered - and continue to suffer – so very much.

The funds are in a Union Savings Bank account in Danbury, CT, and once we receive our 501(c)(3) approval, we will disburse the funds once this is granted.

We would like to thank all of the contributors to the Newtown Strong Fund.

Scott Johnson

Band together so that they might find some peace in
knowing that they are not alone.

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Show your support by wearing your NewtownSTRONG shirt! Upload a picture of you and your friends
in front of your school, your place of business, your town sign… anywhere showing these families that
support is coming from all over. Please post them on our Facebook page.

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For more information

Newtown Strong Fund is a Not for Profit Organization. Newtown Strong Fund is in the process of obtaining its 501 (c) (3) status. The mission and purpose of the organization shall be to donate all of its profits to a scholarship fund designated to the siblings and relatives of the victims’ families. For any questions or further information please contact the Romanello Law Firm, LLC at (203) 205-0891.


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